Best apps for windows

best apps for windows

It might be eight years old, but almost half of the world's desktop devices are still running Windows 7 – and for good reason. It's an excellent. The Windows Store offers seemingly countless Windows apps, with titles that promise to entertain you, make you more productive and help you. Are you looking for the best apps for your Windows computer or mobile device? We've rounded up the latest-and-greatest apps currently. There's even information on music, words, health, nutrition, and transportation. From productivity to entertainment, here are a selection selection of the best Windows 10 apps that definitely deserve a place on your device. Science Developments from the frontiers of science. TuneIn lets you tune into real radio, and there's nothing that comes close to it in the Windows Store. Wox is free for use and open-sourced at Github, and you can even extend its functionality with plugins. You can hook it up to network streams from your NAS, and organise your media library. Play music or videos without the nagging—use VLC Media Player. You can also track your stock portfolios through the app. Check the update s you want to avoid, click Next, then Next again. It integrates with Quicken, MS Money and other personal finance apps. Extra security is becoming ever more important, and one step toward increasing security is creating strong, unique passwords. Achievements and controllers are supported. It's no longer Skype preview. You can use it independently for PC gaming too. Download Wunderlist Free from the Windows Store. I could go on and on and on. best apps for windows

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